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Directors & Executive Officers


Names Titles
Chiang Pin-Kung Chairman
Tung Chao Chin Director
James Y.G. Chen Director
Shinji Sakai Director
Masamichi Yokoi Director
Huang Su-Kuo Director
Masaru Irie Director, President, Representative Executive Officer (CEO)
  • All Directors other than Mr. Irie are Outside Directors.
  • Members of Nomination Committee: Mr. Chiang Pin-Kung (Chair), Mr. Tung Chao Chin and Mr. Masamichi Yokoi
  • Members of Audit Committee: Mr. Masamichi Yokoi (Chair), Mr. James Y.G. Chen, Mr. Shinji Sakai and Mr. Huang Su-Kuo
  • Members of Compensation Committee: Mr. Tung Chao Chin (Chair), Mr. Chiang Pin-Kung and Mr. Shinji Sakai

Executive Officers

Names Positions
Masaru Irie Representative Executive Officer, President (CEO)
Seiji Sato Representative Executive Officer, Deputy President, Public Relations
Kotaro Saruwatari Representative Managing Executive Officer, Corporate Finance Division
Masayuki Usui Representative Managing Executive Officer, Credit Risk Management Division, Integrated Risk Management, Market Risk Management, Strategic Planning
Motoo Yuya Representative Managing Executive Officer, Retail Banking Division, Operations Division
Kazuki Komatsubara Executive Officer, Retail Banking Division, Operations Division
Shinichi Kato Executive Officer, Asset Management
Hiroyuki Shimizu Executive Officer, Legal / Compliance
Yasuaki Ishida Executive Officer, Capital Market Division
Choji Ukawa Executive Officer, Financial Affairs Division
Daisuke Ikuno Executive Officer, HR, HR Development, General Affairs
Naoki Miyaji Executive Officer, Corporate Finance Division
Sam Liu Executive Officer, IT Division

(As of April 1, 2016)

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