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Directors & Executive Officers


Names Titles
Yasumine Satake Chairman
Masaru Irie Director, President, Representative Executive Officer (CEO)
Hiroko Sumita Director
Hiroaki Tanaka Director
Koji Toriumi Director
Takuya Watanabe Director
  • All Directors other than Messrs. Irie and Toriumi are Outside Directors as stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 15 of the Japanese Corporate Law.
  • Members of Nomination Committee: Mr. Koji Toriumi (Chair), Ms. Hiroko Sumita and Mr. Hiroaki Tanaka
  • Member of Audit Committee: Mr. Yasumine Satake (Chair), Mr. Takuya Watanabe and Mr. Hiroaki Tanaka
  • Member of Compensation Committee: Mr. Takuya Watanabe (Chair), Mr. Yasumine Satake and Mr. Masaru Irie

Statutory Executive Officers

Names Positions
Masaru Irie Representative Executive Officer, President (CEO)
Kimiaki Yamaguchi Representative Executive Officer, Deputy President
Yasuhiro Kawate Senior Executive Officer
Yutaka Murayama Senior Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Kotaro Saruwatari Statutory Executive Officer, Corporate Finance
Kazuki Komatsubara Statutory Executive Officer, Retail Banking
Shinichi Kato Statutory Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Masayuki Usui Statutory Executive Officer, Credit Risk Management, Integrated Risk Management and Market Risk Management
Hiroyuki Shimizu Statutory Executive Officer, Compliance, Human Resources and Legal
Tsuyoshi Shimizu Statutory Executive Officer, Retail Banking
Motoo Yuya Statutory Executive Officer, Operations

(As of Jun 27, 2013)

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