Foreign Entrepreneurs Business Plan Competition [2018]

Become a star in the Japan's business scene


Grand prize\1,000,000 Runners-up\300,000

*Venture capitalists and private funds to also participate in the final round

Purpose of the Competition

By hosting this business competition, Tokyo Star Bank (TSB) aims to make the following a reality.

  • Provide Support to Foreign Entrepreneurs Facing Various Challenges
    Despite Having Brilliant Business Ideas
  • Contribute to Japan’s Economy and Society by Supporting Startups
  • Provide Support to Economic Activities in Line with Demographic Trends

Competition Overview

The competition calls upon entrepreneurs to submit business plans related to any of the four key topics:

  • 1Businesses creating new markets
  • 2Businesses with high added value
  • 3Differentiated businesses
  • 4Businesses utilizing cutting-edge technology

Eligibility Requirements

Foreign Entrepreneurs

Must be a foreign national living in Japan or foreign-born Japanese
Must be a representative of a legal entity (Note: Sole proprietors may also register)
Must be within five years of founding
Must be able to compete in Japanese

  • *  If the entrant is unable to communicate in Japanese, materials can be prepared and presentations made by another member of the same organization or an agent on behalf of such entrant.



Registration Period

Monday, April 9 ~
Friday, June 8*2


Preliminary Round*1

Monday, June 11~
Wednesday, June 13*2


Selection of Finalists for Final Round

Thursday, June 14*2
(Adjudication by the judges)


Brush-up Period


Final Round & Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, July 18*2

  • *1:Entrants who pass the Preliminary Round will participate in the Final Round & Awards Ceremony scheduled to be held within Tokyo on Wednesday, July 18.
  • *2:The dates set forth above are subject to change.

Registration Method

Entry form*
Curriculum vitae of the entrant’s representative (with photo of such representative attached thereto)*
Business plan (in Word or PowerPoint of 20 pages or less)

Please send through the three items listed above to the secretariat at the following email address:
*Please download the entry form and the curriculum vitae form to be filled out after consenting to the matters set forth below.

Important Notice

  • All expenses associated with entering in this competition (including material preparation and transportation costs) shall be borne by the entrants.
  • The intellectual property rights concerning the submitted business plan will belong to the entrant; provided, however, that information such as the entrant’s name, the registrant’s name, and the name and summary of the business plan may be disclosed to the public with respect to submissions that pass the Preliminary Round (document submission). As such, entrants are expected to take adequate measures to legally protect their patent, utility model right, trade secrets and know-how, so that the contents submitted may be disclosed to the public without issue. Please note that TSB (including affiliated parties) shall not be liable whatsoever for any disputes related to infringement of any rights.
  • The personal information received at the time of registration shall be used to run this competition. Such information will be disclosed to third parties related to the running of this competition only when it is absolutely necessary to do so.
  • In no case will the entrants be permitted to revise the materials submitted in the Preliminary Round (document submission). Generally, only one entry is allowed per organization.
  • No notice will be provided to those who fail to pass the Preliminary Round (document submission). Only those who pass the Preliminary Round will be contacted.
  • Entrants who pass the Preliminary Round (document submission) shall make a presentation at the Final Round scheduled to be held within Tokyo on Wednesday, July 18, during which time the entrants may be asked to interact with the media or cooperate with TSB’s marketing activities. The presentations made in the Final Round, the awards ceremony, and the like will be photographed/filmed and made available for viewing on TSB’s homepage at a later date.
  • While entrants may be contacted during the brush-up period regarding such matters as the format of materials to be used in the Final Round, no advice or the like will be provided concerning the business plan itself.
  • It is possible that no award is granted in a particular category based on the results of adjudication.
  • On the day of the Final Round, TSB will provide an opportunity for interested investors to meet with the finalists on an individual basis. However, any investment or joint business endeavors are between such finalists and investors, and, thus, TSB (including affiliated parties) shall not be liable whatsoever regarding thereto.
  • TSB does not make any investment promises to the winners of this competition.
  • No inquiries will be accepted whatsoever regarding the return of registration documents, adjudication results, or not being selected for an award.
  • If, during adjudication or after the awards are granted, it is found that there was misrepresentation regarding registration eligibility, breach of applicable requirements, or other misconduct (such as making misrepresentation in the business plan or using a third party’s business plan) or becomes clear that the winner has a relationship with an anti-social force, the award will be withdrawn and the winner will be required to return the monetary prize.
  • The winners should consult with their applicable tax office regarding the tax treatment of the monetary prize. The actual amount to be received by the winners may vary based on the tax treatment of the monetary prize.
  • The entrants shall be deemed to have consented to all of the matters set forth above upon sending the designated documents to the secretariat’s email address (i.e., upon registration).
  • ※Entry form and Curriculum vitae of the entrant’s representative is written in Japanese.
    Please list all application documents in Japanese.


Please direct any inquiries to the secretariat at the following email address:

Note: This English translation is for reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between the Japanese original and this English translation, the Japanese original shall prevail.