Preventing Misidentification as Deposits, etc.

Please be aware of the following points regarding trust, securities (mutual funds, securities traded through financial product intermediary services, etc.) and insurance products that we handle.

  1. 1Products without an agreement to compensate the principal are not deposits and are not covered by deposit insurance. In addition, securities products deposited with Tokyo Star Bank are not subject to payment to general customers by the Japan Investor Protection Fund (JIPF). Securities traded through financial instruments intermediary services will be handled in the manner designated by the securities company, and will be subject to payment by the JIPF.
  2. 2Trust, securities, and insurance products do not have an agreement to compensate the principal, and the paid-in amount is not guaranteed.
  3. 3Profits and losses from the management of trust, securities, and some insurance products that do not have an agreement to compensate the principal belong to the customer who purchased the product (or the beneficiary in the case of trust products).