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(1) Disclaimer on Future Projections

The information contained in this Website may include forward-looking statements concerning business performance, etc. These forward-looking statements reflect certain risks and uncertainties and may differ from actual results due to changes in the economic situation and market trends.

(2) Insider Trading Rules

The purpose of this Website is to facilitate fair and timely disclosure of information to our shareholders, investors and customers, and includes a broad range of information, including press releases. Such information may include information that constitutes “material facts” as defined in Article 166 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

(3) Copyright

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(4) Disclaimer

The Bank disclaims any liability for any trouble, loss or damage arising from any act committed based on any information contained in this Website.
While the operation of this Website may be suspended or discontinued or the content may be changed without prior notification, the Bank also disclaims any liability for any trouble, loss or damage arising from such suspension, discontinuation or change.

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This Website may contain links and banners that allow users to access other websites. Such websites are not operated by the Bank. Accordingly, the Bank accepts no liability whatsoever for the content, etc. of such websites.

(6) Security

Measures for improving the security of this Website are constantly taken to prevent the occurrence of trouble such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction and falsification of data, and information leakage.

(7) Cookies

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  • To study the number of users and traffic to the Bank’s website
  • To improve the Bank’s services
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The Bank may store and refer to the Bank’s cookies via a third party based on the outsourcing to a third party of the delivery of the Bank’s advertisements.
Please be assured that the cookies used on this Website do not contain any personal information (name, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, address, account number, etc.).

What are cookies?
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Cookie Settings

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(8) Other Terms and Conditions

Other terms and conditions may be described elsewhere in this Website. Please also read these terms and conditions.

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