Corporate Services (Foreign Nationals)

We offer a range of services to meet the needs of foreign customers.

Procurement Needs

Real-estate Loans

We offer flexible solutions to individual investors who establish companies to meet their real estate purchase financing needs.

Feature (1)

We provide real-estate loans to foreign nationals who have set up a company (joint stock company or limited liability company) in Japan.

Feature (2)

We welcome applications from corporations newly established by foreign investors

We offer advice on incorporating in both in Chinese and English.

Feature (3)

We offer loans for all kinds of properties.

Building types
: residential, office, commercial, hotels, condominiums
Ownership types
: single buildings, units

Corporate Loans

We provide a range of solutions to meet your financing needs, including solutions provided in cooperation with CTBC Bank, our parent company.

Business Support

We provide support for inbound businesses and help bolster overseas businesses.

Inbound business support

Tokyo Star Bank provides financial and non-financial solutions to foreign companies, funds and investors seeking business opportunities in Japan.

M&A advisory services

Our Tokyo Star Bank M&A Advisory Team provides advice on strategic M&A and supports all aspects of M&As based on your company’s strategy, from identifying and proposing targets to closing and executing deals.

Our team members draw on their accounting, taxation, and legal expertise, as well as their extensive experience and a broad industry knowledge and networks, to provide accurate advice on all aspects of M&As.

Example 1 Business alliance between a major Japanese drugstore and a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company
Example 2 Takeover bid by a Japanese electronics trading company for a top Taiwanese company
Example 3 Support for Japan-Taiwan alliance to expand a travel business in Japan
Example 4 Acquisition of a Taiwanese tutoring school operator by a Japanese learning support company

Management Needs

Corporate Deposit Accounts

Deposit account for business customers and sole proprietors.

Feature (1)

Available to both residents and non-residents of Japan

Feature (2)

Accepts Yen, US dollars, Euros, Australian dollars


Information for all business customers and sole proprietors wishing to open an account: In accordance with the Guidelines for Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism issued by the Financial Services Agency in February 2018, depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding transactions, we may ask about your reasons for opening an account, the nature of your business, the substantial controlling person, and other information, in addition to the information we are required to confirm under the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, etc.

Internet Banking for Business Customers

Star BB!

Star BB! is a service for business customers that enables business customers to transfer funds, pay taxes, etc., and check their balance and deposits/withdrawals via the internet.

Star BB! Foreign remittance

Star BB! Foreign Remittance is a service that enables business customers to transfer funds from a designated account and make foreign remittances, etc. via the internet.

Other Comprehensive Services