Yen ordinary deposit accounts (for Non-Residents of Japan)

Having an account will enable to you deposit and withdraw funds for living expenses during your stay in Japan and save you from carrying around large amounts of cash.
Please note the following when using a yen ordinary deposit account.

Features of Yen ordinary deposit accounts (for Non-Residents of Japan)

Who can apply for a Yen ordinary deposit accounts (for Non-Residents of Japan)

Businesses and individuals who do not reside in Japan
Japanese yen ordinary deposit accounts are available to businesses and individuals who do not reside in Japan.
Individuals who have been living in Japan for less than six months
Individuals who have been living in Japan for less than six months (excluding company employees who are scheduled to work in Japan for at least one year and their family members)*.
  • *Company employees who have been living in Japan for less than six months but are scheduled to work in Japan for at least one year and their family members are considered to be residents.
Product Description

As of April 1, 2021

Customers Non-resident corporate and individual customers
Term No fixed term
Deposit Method Possible at any time
Deposit Amount One yen or more, one yen units
Withdrawal Possible at anytime
Applicable interest rate Daily interest rates posted at the Bank’s branches
Interest calculation method Interest shall accrue on the daily end-of-day balance, with respect to each 100-yen unit thereof in excess of 1,000 yen, and shall be calculated based on the actual number of accrued days and a 365-day year.
Interest payment Interest shall be paid on prescribed dates in February and August every year.

Corporate customers
aggregate taxation

Retail customers
Interest income shall be subject to 15.315% withholding tax, of which 0.315% is due to the introduction of the Special Reconstruction Tax. (A reduced tax rate shall be applied if an “Application Form for Income Tax Convention” is submitted based on a tax convention that has been signed between Japan and a foreign country.)

Deposit Insurance Deposits are insured up to a maximum principal of 10 million yen plus accrued interest thereon per depositor per financial institution.
Other Matters
  • Only retail customers may use an automatic teller machine (ATM) for deposit/withdrawal transactions with a debit card issued by the Bank.
  • The debit card shall only be used for deposits and withdrawals related to living expenses, or the like, while staying in Japan.
  • Use of ATMs is limited to those of the Bank, Japan Post Bank and Seven Bank located in Japan. Overseas ATMs may not be used. ATMs may not be used to make a bank transfer to another account.
  • No passbook or deposit certificate is issued. Please confirm transaction details via bank statements.
Designated Dispute Resolution Organization with which the Bank is contracted The Japanese Bankers Association
Telephone number 0570-017109 or 03-5252-3772
  • Deposits and withdrawals may only be made using your bank card at our main branch financial lounge (Head Office Sales Department counter: only handles Japanese yen), Tokyo Start Bank , Japan Post Bank or Seven Bank ATMs in Japan. Deposits and withdrawals cannot be made at overseas ATMs. Accounts can only be used to deposit and withdraw living expenses, etc. during your stay in Japan.
  • Direct debits are only available for domestic utility bills such as electricity and gas, and taxes and public dues. Outward remittance requests are only accepted at our Head Office Sales Department counter, and cannot be made from an ATM.
  • Remitted funds will be credited to your account in Japanese yen after confirming the purpose of use of the funds.
  • All remittances to or from bank accounts in Japan are treated as “foreign remittances”.
  • Deposits are covered by deposit insurance. However, only 10 million yen of principal and interest per depositor per financial institution is protected by deposit insurance.
  • Please read the Account Guide carefully for more details and to fully understand what services are available with your account.

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