Fiduciary Duty of Tokyo Star Bank

"Give Perspective to Your Life"

As our customers' supporter, The Tokyo Star Bank, Limited ("TSB") promises to put forth our best efforts in finding financial solutions for our customers.

The following policy for these efforts corresponds with the “Principles for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct” by the Financial Services Agency.

  1. 1All employees of TSB to fully see things from our customers' perspective (Principles 2 and 3)

    Knowing our customers well is critical in finding financial solutions for our customers. By having our employees fully see things from our customers' perspective and consider matters from our customers' position, we will make efforts to accurately know our customers.

  2. 2Fully share in our customers' challenges (Principles 4 through 6)

    By knowing our customers well and consulting with them through their point of view, we will share in the challenges faced by our customers at present and in the future, and make efforts to work together with them toward finding financial solutions for their future.

  3. 3As their trusted advisor, come up with solutions to our customers' challenges (Principles 3 through 6)

    As our customers' trusted advisor, we will come up with financial solutions based on full understanding of challenges faced by our customers, and explain to them regarding the positive outcomes that can be expected from these financial solutions. If our customers so wish, we will offer wealth management and financial instrument products/services that would assist in overcoming their challenges. We will explain to our customers the fees associated with these products/services in an easy-to-understand manner.

  4. 4Provide ongoing support as our customers' "trusted advisor" (Principles 4 through 6)

    Challenges faced by our customers change based on changes in the external environment and varying life stages. As their trusted advisor, we will be in close communication with our customers and provide ongoing support by offering advice and information in a timely manner as these changes occur.

  5. 5Honor our fiduciary duty and develop trusted advisors on an ongoing basis (Principle 7)
    • TSB's goal is to enable our customers to achieve success and security. Instead of offering financial instruments for its own sake, we will offer them as part of the process toward our customers reaching their goals, and explain as such to our customers.
    • All of TSB's employees will fully see things from our customers' perspective and serve as a unified force in "giving perspective to our customers' lives."
    • In order to develop, on an ongoing basis, professionals who would honor our fiduciary duty, we will amend the relevant internal systems and make efforts in professional development and motivation enhancement.