Services Available to Foreign Customers

Tokyo Star Bank provides constant support to its customers as a close and trusted advisor so that they can live comfortably in Japan for the long term.

Available Services

Consultation by Telephone

Tokyo Star Bank's Dedicated Help Desk for Foreign Nationals

0120-16-3838(toll free)

Video consultation in foreign languages (English and Chinese) are available at all branches!

  • *Weekdays 9:00-17:00

Disclosure of Individual Number ("My Number")

The following transactions are subject to the My Number System and require you to disclose your My Number: savings transactions; mutual fund transactions; tax-exempt transactions ("maruyu"); transactions for accumulating wealth (including through pensions and home purchases); and foreign wire transfers to/from overseas. As such, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

We have released videos about services available to foreign nationals!

Features of Tokyo Star Bank

  • *Some services are unavailable to non-residents of Japan. For details, please contact the dedicated help desk for foreign nationals.

Tokyo Star Bank is a Subsidiary of CTBC Bank, Taiwan's Mega-Bank

Our relationship with CTBC Bank helps us meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our shareholder, CTBC Bank (official name: CTBC Bank Co., Ltd.), is Taiwan's largest private bank and the primary subsidiary of CTBC Financial Holding, a major financial group in Taiwan. Operating globally through its worldwide network, Tokyo Star Bank continues to achieve tremendous growth.

Prognosis of Your Money

As your "trusted advisor," we will assist you and your family in planning your future.

Wide Range of Services Available under Star One (Savings) Account

Tokyo Star Bank's Star One (Savings) Account offers a variety of services to account holders.

Unique Services and Products

We offer a variety of products to non-permanent residents including mortgages and savings products.

Relaxed Setting that Offers Privacy

Our financial lounges provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where customers are assisted inside a private consultation booth.

Tokyo Star Direct
(Internet Banking)

Accessible via your PC or smartphone, and with savings on fees!

  • *Internet banking will be in the Japanese language.
Convenient ATMs!

You can use ATMs located nationwide, including in convenience stores, virtually for free (up to eight times/month)!

Home Mortgages (for Non-Permanent Residents)

This is a mortgage loan available to foreign nationals who do not have permanent resident status.

Mortgage applications will be subject to our prescribed screening.
Prescribed administrative fees will be charged.
In addition, costs such as registration fees and revenue stamp fees will be charged in full.
Please see our product description for details.

Star Mortgage

This is a mortgage loan available to foreign nationals who do not have permanent resident status.

The loan is available to those who meet all of the following conditions*1

  • Is a foreign national customer who does not have permanent residence status in Japan
  • Resides in Japan
  • Can understand the Japanese language (reading and writing)
  • Has been working in Japan as a regular employee for more than 1 year*2
  • Has an annual income of 4 million yen or more including tax
  1. *1For other conditions, please refer to the Star Mortgage Product Information Document.
    Depending on a credit examination, we may not be able to fulfill your request.
  2. *2Company executives and self-employed persons who have been operating in Japan for at least 3 years are also eligible to apply.

The mortgage amount is determined based on our screening, and we may offer a more favorable interest rate if permanent residency is obtained during the loan period based on the results of our prescribed screening.

  • *While translated materials in some languages are available, all transactions related to this mortgage are based only on the contract and descriptions in Japanese as a general rule. Please note that the contract and descriptions in foreign languages are translated materials that have been prepared for reference purposes only.

For Individual Consultations and Telephone Inquiries (in Japanese only)

9:00-19:00 on weekdays

  • *For inquiries in a foreign language (Chinese/English), please directly contact the dedicated help desk.

“Tokyo Lucky Star” Star Real-Estate Investment Loan (for Non-Residents of Japan)

A real-estate investment loan for non-residents of Japan* to purchase Japanese real estate

*This is a real-estate investment loan that makes it easier for non-residents of Japan to purchase Japanese real estate.
This loan is available to non-residents of Japan who meet all of the following requirements:

  • Holder of a Chinese (or Taiwanese) passport
  • Resident of Taiwan
  • Person who is a resident of Taiwan for tax purposes, not regarded as a resident of any other country or region, and is able to submit official proof of their income
  • *Note: For information on other terms and conditions, please refer to the “Tokyo Lucky Star” Star Real-Estate Investment Loan Guide.
  • *Depending on your residence status in Japan, certain services may not be available. For details, please contact us using the dedicated help desk.

Dedicated Help Desk (available in English, Chinese and Japanese)

From overseas:


Business hours: Weekdays 9:00-17:00 (JST)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and 12/31-1/3

From Japan:


Business hours: Weekdays 9:00-17:00 (JST)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and 12/31-1/3